5 Tips for Vastu Shastra to increase your income and savings

Vastu tips: Keep the home of the North-east corner clean

5 Tips for Vastu Shastra can increase your income and savings.

In Vastu Shastra, there are some tips which can increase both the income and the savings. We can adopt these things as described in Vastu Shastra as a remedy. It also gets rid of Vastu Dosh. These important measures have been reported in texts such as Alankarshastra and Mandan Shilpashastra. In these texts, special attention has been given from the main door of the house, the place of worship and the place of money.

These are those 5 measures –

1- Keep an idol or photo of goddess Lakshmi in the house safe to increase the income. If not able to do so, silver or gold coins can also be considered as a symbol of Lakshmi. Its effects will increase in income.

2- Keep the north-east direction of the house empty (north-east direction) and keep a special focus on cleanliness here. If possible, build a temple/mandir here. This will end the defects of the house which that stop the money.

3- Keep the doors of the house open, specially the maingate, in the morning and evening. Fresh air and sunlight eliminate many faults of the house.

4- During the time between day and night i.e. in the evening time, place a lamp on both corners of the house’s main gate. Also keep a lamp in the mandir of the house and near the water container.

5- If possible, take a fresh flower garland and rangoli at the main gate of the house after bathing every morning. If you can not do it every day, do this once in a week.

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