It has been said in Sanskrit that गृहस्थस्य क्रियास्सर्वा न सिद्धयन्ति गृहं विना Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian science of building houses, palaces, buildings or temples that can be considered as ancient form of modern architecture of modern times.
Everybody wants that there is always an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the house, for which he strives every day. Through Vaastu, we can try to make our destiny as happy as possible.

Vastu Shastra In the Indian scriptures

Vastu Shastra is the ancient Vaastu art of India, which should be used to create Vastu (house etc.), so that at least there is less sorrow in life and the life is full of happiness. In the Indian scriptures, the Vaastu Purush is conceived as a deity. Since ancient times, there have been many changes in the human formation, in the same way, Vastu Shastra has also been changed, many theories of present Vastu Shastra do not match the ancient Vaastu Shastra. For example, in the ancient Vaastu Shastra, the place of the toilet was not given place in the house of Vastu, but its arrangement was made outside of the house.  But in today’s Vastu it has been given place (Deserted Angle or South), in fact it is Paternal Angle or Yama Angle and both of these deities are important, so the sewage is inappropriate at that place but at the present time there is no alternative to this.
According to many conventional beliefs, each Vaastu has its own energy type. Once a person starts living in the house, then he joins one type of specific energy, and these energy starts affecting them. But for those who believe, positive energy is very important for their homes. In Vastu Shastra, there are many Vaastu Measures to ensure this, due to which there is no happiness in the house of structural change.

Vastu Shastra and health issues

Vastu Shastra not only helps in improving health issues, but problems related to marital issues, children’s education issues, personal problems, home or establishments, by finding the problem in the home map by evaluating the problems by experts and by generating energy and Finding energy sources in the house helps solve it. With the power of the right energy places, the right direction affects people not only to get rid of all their health problems and other mentioned problems, but also to get rid of them.
By taking first preventive steps, Vastu Shastra gives importance to the health of our home or workplace. After setting up a properly designed place by simple architectural experts, it starts direct flow of energy due to induced energy through the favorable directions of the house. The harmful vibes that were present in the house had become negative energy resulting in health related problems of the members of the family.  But after taking proper steps, the place which was filled with negative energy will now start getting  positive energy, resulting in a healthy environment in the house. The peaceful atmosphere will create a sense of property and prosperity and goodwill in the house, so that every member will get it peacefully.
It is said that while building the house, the rules of Vaastu should be kept in mind. Does Vaastu really influence our lives? Is there any connection between Vastu and Science? Many such questions arise in our minds often, and we want to know their answer. Only our own experience can give the best answer about whether Vaastu shastra  is important or not.

Basic directions in Vaastu shastra

The four basic directions are North, South, East and West. In Vastu science, there are four Vidisha in addition to these four directions. Aakaash and paataal have also been included in the form of direction. In this way, the number of directions has been counted as a total by adding four directions, four Vidisha, Aakaash and Paataal. northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest have been called Vidisha in the middle direction of the basic directions.
In accordance with this, the places of the goods kept in the home are fixed and there is a special place to do some special tasks. Ever since ancient times, in every culture, certain places are chosen for every task, such as a place for cooking. Bathing , or sleeping.. Place of worship is kept its own separate place. In the same way, some materials used in the house also have a fixed place. It has special significance in things and directions, which gives positive energy to the people of the house and the family.
Is there anybody  who does not want to become more successful and effective person? Before you succeed, you have to make a decision to succeed. But honestly, achieving success is tough. Just hard, not complicated. It is difficult because we always remain confused (wrongfully working) and try easy ways to avoid failure and it is not our fault. Our mind is something that always wants to use the same path as the path to which there is less trouble.
We all want to succeed in less time but this can be easier to say than do. Well according to a study, the secret of success is not only hard work but to act wisely. What is the key to achieving your success? Have you remembered your goals today? What did you do to walk on your way to success today? Nowadays, any businessman is like a trapped person who is busy in performing his daily boring work, watching TV programs in the free time, eating, sleeping and not doing any useful work. However, we fail to understand that every moment of our life is precious. Apart from this, Vastu plays an important role in your career for success.

Vastu Shastra is completely based on science.

Vastu Shastra is very effective for the prosperity and peace of our home. Those who believe in Vastu Shastra strictly follow the rules related to the architecture of the house. Some people believe that there is no effect of any kind from Vaastu. But we believe, Vastu Shastra is completely based on science.
Vastu shastra is a science and an art too. It is originally mentioned in Atharva Veda. Vaastu is the  place of living and the Vaastu Shastra is the set of rules which are linked to the directions and also to the five elements. If anyone changes his house and the way of staying and living with respect to the directions and elements, there will be peace and happiness in the home, in the family and in their mental world.

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